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Jaina Hirai is a Berlin-based massage therapist who melds the re-balancing approach of eastern acupressure with western anatomically-driven techniques. She has trained for over 1,500 hours in Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga, Shiatsu, Swedish, Pre-natal, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Sport, Myofascial, Energy, and Trigger Point massage styles. Deep Tissue Massage Berlin in English and German.

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hirai headshotAt Swedish Institute in Manhattan, Jaina received a strong anatomical and technical background to the healing touch that she was born with. After 1200 hours of courses in palpation, pathology, anatomy, myology, neurology, Shiatsu and Chinese medicine, she earned an Associates degree in Occupational Therapy in 2006 and became a NY State Board certified massage therapist in 2007. It was during her time in school that she was inspired to study the energy work known as Reiki, which she incorporates into many of her massage sessions. In Berlin in 2013, Jaina added therapeutic Thai massage to her repertoire.

Each session is a gift to Jaina’s experience, as well as an honored interaction between two human beings. Every client is a teacher to Jaina, and for each client, Jaina enables relaxation and rejuvenation, releases tensions, and increases circulation of both blood and life force to parts of the body that have been closed off.

Jaina Hirai has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and in Theater in 1999 from Goucher College. In 2014 she received a Master of Arts at Potsdam University in English Literature and Culture. She is currently a self-employed massage therapist and editor. Jaina keeps her body fit and happy by dancing tango, contemporary, and receiving a weekly massage.

Her practice is increasing the popularity of deep tissue massage in Berlin.


Jaina has a very deep knowledge of the human body, both in how it is constructed and how to get it out of pain.  I have 2 herniated discs that require a lot of pain management, and Jaina was able to help me quite effectively.  We started the session with a through conversation around the location of my pain, my daily habits, and the quality of my pain so she knew she was working on the right areas in the most effective and relaxed manner. – Martha Denton

I am most amazed by her hands. They don’t look big, but they feel big. Her hands have a way of cradling the muscles perfectly and releasing any tension contained within. I have had both Thai/Shiatsu and Deep Tissue and each is amazing. – Jason Kessler

I’ve had three therapists massage my injured psoas. Jaina was both the gentlest and the most effective. I was astounded by how much pain and stiffness she removed in one session. I’m so grateful to know she is there in case of future injuries. –Vio

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