JewelLab developments

I founded JewelLab at the Colombian Hotel as Rainbow Queer Tango Sydney in 2011. It started as a class, but became a practica, which Jael and I re-named it The Jewel Lab  in 2012. In 2013, with Darren’s encouragement, Nick and I launched JewelLab as a milonga with the slogan “the milonga where we treat each other like […]

Vio Sydney Sundays November 2015

sydney november  square

Vio will teach three Sundays in November. Each day will include two workshops. One on improvisation for dancing to powerful music, excerpts from a series developed for Tangoloft-Berlin. The second workshop will cover parts of the Biomechanical Toolbox. Choose a number of workshops in the registration form.

Dancing to the beat: JewelLab Musicality Session 2

Argentine Tango and Music

by Nick Young In this musicality session, we look at choosing which beats of the music to step on. First we identify the beats we have to work with, and then we try some simple ideas for dancing them. These ideas are simple ways to make your dance more interesting and enjoyable! The previous session […]

JewelLab Summer Musicality Practica

Summer 2014/2015 At JewelLab So you’ve learnt perfect technique from Vio, you can mark and revel with precision, but you freeze up on the dance floor. Maybe you forget your vocabulary, maybe you struggle to find a shared vocabulary with your partner, or maybe you feel lost or intimidated by the music (be it hip-hop […]

TangoForge AU news September 2014

wanted tanzpartner

      To my dear tango students and friends in Australia, I have just returned from seven weeks in Europe, mostly Berlin. You can read my very rough and typo-strewn fieldnotes here. I’ll write more formal thematic posts in the next few weeks. As many of you know, tango is my second career, and a […]

JewelLove: Jewel Lab’s Valentine to You + JewelLiveLab Debrief


THANK YOU so much for experimenting with Owen and me in honor of our birthdays and one year of Jewel Lab. The response to the Jewel Lab music survey indicated that people are keen to dance to live music, and to non-traditional tango, and last night was our first attempt to do both of those […]

Investigation Group

The purpose of the Investigation Group is to develop our dancing relationships and to deepen our capacities to reflect on and talk about tango with our dancing friends, so that we can grow together. The Group meets 2nd and 4th Sundays from 7-9:30 pm at 5 Eliza Street, Newtown. Each session has an exploration theme. […]

Jewel Lab: Survey Results


Thank you so much for taking the Jewel Lab Survey. I’m flabbergasted by the results. A few people had been hassling me to play more nuevo and alternative music. I ran the survey to prove to them that if I did this, no one would come. Apparently, I am wrong. There is significant interest in […]

Argentine Tango out of the clichés

We’re scheming to get tango out of the clichés. To show that it’s athletic…that its romance will take you by surprise…that it’s drop-dead sexy in whatever shoes you are already wearing… and that you can dance tango to the music you already love.

Bodywork Sydney

Quro Health Studios

Simonne Smiles Pilates Brad Moffitt Remedial Massage Therapy 0416 308 764 Quro Health Studios: Unlimited yoga and pilates for $35/week with contract or $37/week without contract.

Creative Argentine Tango Bootcamp

TangoForge Argentine Tango Bootcamp Sydney

Do you want your evenings to be creative? Are you yearning for more profound connection…wanting to get beyond small talk…tired of the bar scene… This one-day bootcamp will get you started in a challenging new activity that will enable you to make friends and make art with them any day of the week in any […]


TangoForge Argentine TangoClasses

If you’re in Sydney, I offer monthly technique topics developed at the Tuesday Jewel Lab class. This way everyone who wants to learn with me has four chances to learn and consolidate each month’s material.

A16 Jewel Lab: The party!

  The Jewel Lab Party sparkled with more than 60 guests and 10 performers. It was a beautiful night of celebrating our community. Consensus is that the new floor is just fine, so the milonga will continue at this venue every Tuesday 8:30-midnight.  Part way through the evening I explained the various dimensions of the […]

Food at the Milonga

Gourmet Tango

In April 2013, I began an innovation which is to combine my two sensuous passions, Argentine tango and artisan food. Each of my events will now include a morsel of fabulous food. Jewel Lab is the gourmet milonga, and each workshop includes a treat. I’m interested in small-batch, handmade, heirloom, artisan, local, traditional, and superlative […]

The community-run Practica for role-changing, worldwide heritage of music, and all tango movements.

jewel square logo

MANIFESTO “Jewel Lab is a community-run enrichment of our local Tango scene. We are a conscientious practica with a purposeful culture of dialogue, participation, and role-changing. We encourage positive attitudes toward all gender/role combinations, toward dancing to the worldwide heritage of music, and toward use of all movements from the living history of tango. We also […]

Welcome to the Moveable Milonga!

The moveable milonga

Like many people I started dancing tango because of Sally Potter’s movie, The Tango Lesson. Different things about the movie moved us, as different things bind us to tango. I wasn’t attracted to the music, passion, or romance (aspects I learned to appreciate only after many years of dancing). I was attracted to the complexity […]

Using Tango to Enhance your Gender Performance

Argentine Tango is about many things, including extreme gender. It’s a fantasy of femininity and masculinity. In this workshop, we’ll look at how Tango can help us feel more confident in our everyday masculinity and femininity, how we walk down the street, how we stand, and how we use our bodies to give and receive […]

Practica Dynamica

Practica Dynamica

Practica Dynamic is not on at the moment. Bring your moves, questions, and spirit to Practica Dynamica Encouraging dynamic bodies, embraces, music… Welcoming all levels, roles, styles, smiles! 75% traditional music. 100% happy tango.

Rainbow Queer Tango Sydney Press Release

Rainbow Queer Tango Sydney

Queering the World’s Most Romantic Dance. Gay people grasp the magic of Argentine Tango – in Buenos Aires, Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Stockholm, New York, Boston, Portland, Wellington, México City…