Vio Sydney Sundays November 2015


sydney november 2015


Vio will teach three Sundays in November.

Each day will include two workshops. One on improvisation for dancing to powerful music, excerpts from a series developed for Tangoloft-Berlin.  Each Sunday will also include a workshop covering parts of the Biomechanical Toolbox. (The Toolbox is a shortened version of The Anatomy Tour, see the commendations.)

Choose a number of workshops in the registration form below.

Improvisation class 12:00-14:00. Toolbox class 15:00-17:00.

From 14:00 to 15:00 we will share tea and snacks and you can practice and ask questions.

Colombian Hotel, 117 Oxford at Crown.

*Revised plan*

Sunday 8 November:

  • 12:00 Improvisation workshop: connection without the embrace: a system for soltadas
  • 15:00 Toolbox: Connection, intention, and step dynamics

Sunday 15 November:

  • 12:00 Improvisation workshop: delicious Flying Steps
  • 15:00 Toolbox: Connection, intention, and maximizing the projection

Sunday 22 November:

  • 12:00 Improvisation workshop: The Revel/Follower’s Initative….
  • 15:00 Toolbox: Connection, intention, and the subtle basics: change of foot, crosses, giros.


Register below: Please note BASE price is in Euros. AU$ price for each option is listed.

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