I founded JewelLab at the Colombian Hotel as Rainbow Queer Tango Sydney in 2011. It started as a class, but became a practica, which Jael and I re-named it The Jewel Lab  in 2012. In 2013, with Darren’s encouragement, Nick and I launched JewelLab as a milonga with the slogan “the milonga where we treat each other like Jewels”. Starting in 2014, we held a series of parties at Quro Health Studies with 100% alternative tango music. In 2016 we become a community-run practica.

Now that I am based in Berlin, December 2015 was time to transfer ownership of Sydney JewelLab. Although I will continue to teach at JewelLab whenever I am in town, I am now only one of the team of “responsibles”. We operate according to participatory democratic principles, and in December we together wrote this manifesto:

JewelLab is a community-run enrichment of our local Tango scene.
We are a conscientious practica with a purposeful culture of dialogue, participation, and role-changing.
We encourage positive attitudes toward all gender/role combinations,
toward dancing to the worldwide heritage of music,
and toward use of all movements from the living history of tango.
We also like to throw great parties!

The manifesto and our corresponding operating principles were responding to several situations:

We want to address these things within and beyond the JewelLab by:

Some more details about our operational plans:


What is Jewel Lab all about?

Jewel Lab London is launching in January 15, 2016, with the same manifesto at a cool location to be announced.