Gourmet TangoIn April 2013, I began an innovation which is to combine my two sensuous passions, Argentine tango and artisan food. Each of my events will now include a morsel of fabulous food. Jewel Lab is the gourmet milonga, and each workshop includes a treat. I’m interested in small-batch, handmade, heirloom, artisan, local, traditional, and superlative foods…This food is not donated by the vendors! I pay retail in order to enrich the sensuality of the evening with a delicious taste to savor and talk about. I shop at Carraigeworks Farmers Market and gourmet food shops. This page will link you to the makers of everything served, in reverse chronological order.

15 October Jewel Lab: Caraway-rye bread from Brickfields with Grandma’s fried apples.

8 October Jewel Lab: Three pecorinos (grape must, walnut, and pepper) with Olive Oil Loaf from Bourke Street Bakery.

1 October Jewel Lab: Smoked Scamorza by That’s Amore Cheese (available at Salt Meats Cheese) with Olive Oil Loaf from Bourke Street Bakery.

24 September Jewel Lab: hand-made fruit tarts for Nick’s birthday + treats from the guests!

17 September Jewel Lab: Caciotta & Ciabatta: Caciotta with Peppercorns (available at Salt Meats Cheese) and Olive Oil Loaf from Bourke Street Bakery

10 September Jewel Lab: Sonoma Olive Bread with Meredith Dairy Goat Milk Chevre + pink peppercorns from Fiji Market (591 King Street, Newtownand home-dried organic oregano.

3 September Jewel Lab: Sonoma Polenta bread with peppercorn pecorino

27 August Jewel Lab: Darling Mills Olives, Sonoma raisin walnut bread, pecorino cheese.

20 August Jewel Lab: Potato-rosemary bread from Wild Cockatoo Bakery

13 August Jewel Lab: Fromage D’Affinois and Le Roitelet Brie.

11 August Technique Workshop: Caerphilly Welsh Miner’s cheese.

6 August Jewel Lab: Macadamias from Hand N Hoe Organics.

30 July Jewel Lab: Grandma Georgia’s favorite cake, German Chocolate, for David and Michelle’s birthdays. Martha Stewart’s version of the cake.

23 July Jewel Lab: Sonoma Walnut Bread with Quark from Second Mouse Cheese, Orange.

16 July Jewel Lab: Sonoma Mission Sourdough Bread with Organic Butter

14 July Technique Workshop: Fruit Bread from Wild Cockatoo Bakery (no phone no website), 30 Botany Road Redfern.

9 July Jewel Lab: Farmgate Rare Breed Black Berkshire Pig Chorizo, with tart green organic apples and  Sonoma Walnut Bread.

2 July Jewel Lab: Maffra Cheddar (Australia) with Sonoma Apple-Currant Sourdough.

9 June Technique Workshop: Chocolate dipped turkish oranges by Sweetness the Patisserie.

4 June Jewel Lab: Meredith Dairy marinated Goat Cheese with Sonoma Olive Bread.

28 May Jewel Lab: Castel Vetrano (sicilian) olives and Pecorata Pecorino from Formaggi Ocello on Bourke Street.

21 May Jewel Lab: Pecora Dairy Sheepsmilk Blue and Feta with Sonoma Country White.

19 May Technique Workshop: Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts from Hand N Hoe Organics. Kiwis from Champion’s Mountain Organics.

12 May Jewel Lab: AusBuff Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella and La Tartine Organic sourdough Walnut

30 April Jewel Lab: Pecora Dairy Fresh Mozzarella and aged Mezza with La Tartine Organic Dark Rye, Kemps Creek Farms basil.

23 April Jewel Lab: Cucumber Sandwiches: La Tartine Organic Sourdough Bread, Cuore Blu Fresh Ricotta, Kemps Creek Farms cucumbers, Maldon Sea Salt.

16 April Jewel Lab Party: Cuore Blu Fresh Ricotta and Ricotta Salata (aged, salted, pressed) available at the well-stocked and friendly Alexandria providore Salt Meats Cheese. Ciabatta from Bourke Street Bakery. Check out their fabulous new Bread and Butter Project training refugees to make great bread all over Australia. Chocolates from Boon in Darlinghurst

14 April Technique Workshop: FarmGate Caramelized Onion Sausage Rolls made of heirloom black berkshire pigs with handmade pastry made by St. Germain bakery.