Fairy dust

mac strength

Femininity is always a fantasy. There is no lasting escape from our strength and men’s frailty. (There are other ways to understand it, but these moments are also rare.) The respite and pleasure you receive from tango is a precious gift, a facet, a moment of “altered perception”, and an addictive drug. Like every drug, like every addiction, it is not reality, it is damaging, and you will come down. To get real with this retrograde gender activity you’ve got yourself hooked in to, you need to decide that you are not going to suffer. And there are other ways than leaving the milonga when there are too many women.To stop suffering the absence of fantasy-ecstasy-femininity requires that you accept all of who you are.


couple yoga acro

The trail grows cold. Ecstasy is an endangered species. But the dogs’ eyes glitter with hunger. Their frantic trotting exhausts me. They become aggressive…The party endures, heavy-hearted, addicted to a thrill who may never breach again.

Why I don’t ask Marks to dance…

Fábian Pérez tango painting

The line of dance is not the only thing that circles. So do the arguments about tango. It feels more productive to use the term ‘spiral’, because then we feel we are getting somewhere, either spiraling out away from the familiar territory, or getting in closer to the deep truths. Pick your direction. (But please […]

Consumption, creativity, celebrity

Tangoloft Berlin

This is the beginning of a theory,  about life,  about dancing,  about asking the big questions. I think we are faced with some choices about where to aim.  The culture tells us that consumption will satisfy us,  and money is what we need to make it happen. It doesn’t. We know we were put here […]

Pathos princesses

wpid wp

There are these tango women,  the successes (“professionals”). They look intelligent and they look like they’ve given up a lot for this bit of glory.  To call one of these gods their own. Tango feeds our hunger for recognition and love.  And because it feeds so richly,  it promises a font of fulfillment and satisfaction. […]