Why Learn All of Tango

vicious circle

Most Revels tell me they are terribly bored on the dance floor because each Mark seems to repeat a small number of sequences. Although the set of sequences varies among the Marks, “he has a nice embrace and good technique, but after two songs I know exactly what he’s going to do.” Our rapture with […]

What is tango connection?


Men usually have the idea that they should be gentlemanly: polite, gracious, and charming. Women usually have the idea they should be obedient. Tango teachers usually have the idea that they are the star, and the student will never be as good.

Quality Control

quality control

In the last days the Berlin Tango Scene has witnessed an interesting and overdue conflagration. Some Argentine tango blogger found a video of one of Berlin’s longtime teaching teams and publicized her outrage over the quality of their dancing. At first this post gathered some approval within the Berlin community. Then compassionate influencers quashed the self-righteousness of […]

ForgeTube: Improvisation from the Elements


All the variations of any movement FREE
1-2 minute videos
Improvise from the Elements

Real Improvisation


No matter how much you think you hate Nuevo Tango, you are the recipient of its gift to the world: the possibility to understand Argentine Tango by its most fundamental elements, Everything we love about traditional tango is better if you dance from the elements: better experience of connection with more intense concentration, more perfect embrace, richer musicality, and a safer ronda.

We Open a School ! … Studio Berlin


I’ve always known how I would run a school, very inspired by my beloved DNI in Buenos Aires. A school with a consistent pedagogy. A school in which every student would have private lessons. Every student would take supplementary bodywork. And, most important, it will be full of love and a sense of community, a […]

Something added in translation: Lead with the chest


You have surely noticed that I am obsessively annoyed by the incessant exhortation to “lead with the chest”.  I think it’s inaccurate, unhelpful, and leads to unstable behaviour. I’m fascinated by and loose with words.  I temper this with deep investigations with multilingual friends like ZM. What if this cliché is the detritus of a […]

Get the whole story

I want to learn to lead, but I think I need to focus on following first. TangoForge encourages dancers to learn both leading and following. There are several reasons for this. It’s nice to have compassion for the challenges of the other role. If a teacher is working directly with you and wants to show […]

I am not a teacup

Not a teacup

I feel so sorry for the 40+ students who were beating themselves up for not inducing Nito’s grace into his sequence but having no information about how to move. The corrections from the couple were only focused on getting the sequence right.

Why do teachers teach so differently?


One of the first things you’ll notice as a tango student is that each teacher has not only their own style of communication, but also their own idea of what’s important about tango and how to do it. Sometimes they even seem to contradict each other. This can be confusing and frustrating to students. The […]

DNI is a controversial school

DNI appealed to me for three reasons. Of course the most important factor in choosing a teacher is that you like how they dance. I thought Pablo Villarraza and Dana Frìgoli were the most fluid, gorgeous dancers. Second, they talked about technique with more clarity and depth than any other teachers. And third, they gave […]