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We Open a School ! … Studio Berlin

I’ve always known how I would run a school, very inspired by my beloved DNI in Buenos Aires.

A school with a consistent pedagogy. A school in which every student would have private lessons. Every student would take supplementary bodywork. And, most important, it will be full of love and a sense of community, a place where students feel at home.

I didn’t plan to actually do it.

And then, something happened, something so strange that I had to just call it “The Sacred Unfolding”.

We had the first-ever TangoForge retreat, using democratic principles.

And I learned that my gorgeous crew was totally committed to training their dance and pedagogy to a professional level.

It was a good thing I had confused all my friends by leasing a bizarrely huge space, centrally located in Mitte … purportedly so I could give huge dinner parties…

Suddenly a school was possible and we opened two weeks later on 17.January 2017.


We offer our core Biomechanics class three times each week to make sure every one gets here.

Every student has one private lesson with me and one private practice with an Apprentice, every month. Beginners have a short private lesson every week.

We are working our way through the entire Tango Lexicon, one movement per week, studying the technique and every improvisational possibility. We’ll restart this journey every six months.

I’ve finally committed to a space for women. We call it FemMark, and we do technique for both roles.

We have an advanced class for musicality and advanced themes.

We have a Structured weekly practica, in which we review and drill and play impro games and practice In Lane and On Line to make sure everybody is able to dance the material from the week.

Monthly passes include all the classes and the private lessons. We have a week trial pass, and one drop-in night per week.

Check all the details and register for Studio TangoForge Berlin.

We look forward to welcome you!


Studio Berlin was open from February until November, 2017.
We tried a number of business models during that time, but we failed to see the signs of growth we needed to make the school financially sustainable.
The young crew were unprepared for the work and stress of a new business, and lost heart.
It was a beautiful and precious part of the history of TangoForge.
The recordings of the weekly Seminar, which covered the Lexicon of Tango in 6 months became the first version of the MasterCourse, recorded with a live class.
In 2018, we recorded a studio version.

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