Packing for Buenos Aires


You may also want to see my Guide to Buenos Aires with info on places to stay, what to eat, recommended teachers and milongas.

Men: You can wear absolutely anything you want and you will fit right in. Note that white shoes are for guys who are very proud of their footwork and ready for other people to watch carefully.

Women: Sexy YES, Glamorous NO

  • No sparkly jewelery
  • No sparkly clothing (no silver or gold fabric)
  • Absolutely no red/black combos unless you plan to be on a stage
  • Sexy=Cleavage, cleavage, cleavage (REGARDLESS of Age)
  • Necklaces need to be very lightweight, nothing that seems like armour around your breast or chest
  • Sexy=clothing made of drapey jersey that hugs your body. (It’s what California people wear to do yoga.) Fabric mustn’t be stiff, that’s not sexy (there).
  • Cleavage
  • Sexy=understated. Elegant is ok, but glam is not.
  • Sexy ≠ 1940s or 1950s vintagewear
  • Sexy ≠ Madonna’s lingerie look (I tried it) also not a Vogue look of lacy bra showing as part of the cleavage.. Argentines will shake their heads at you (too sexy?)
  • Sexy = backless!
  • Sexy = push up bras!
  • Nobody in BsAs wears fine jewelry on any occasion. (Ok maybe rich people going to lunch at Hotel Alvear — which by the way I do recommend!) but NOT to the milonga. Get out your hippy jewelry (beads, macrame, feathers…) and bring your silver rings.
  • Leave your favorite very dressy milonga clothes at home. You won’t feel comfortable in them. Anything that hugs your body in a stretch material and is slightly informal goes in the suitcase.
  • You will need to feel great. Bring whatever makes you feel Sexy Sexy Sexy (daytime stuff too). Do not pack anything that you feel so-so in. You won’t even want to go to the grocery store in it.

See my guide to Buenos Aires for shopping and other advice.


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