A beautiful flat shoe for revelling

If you LOVE high heels, please wear them and enjoy! But if you don’t love them, please feel free wear flats. Whatever you do, don’t wear a heeled shoe under 6cm. Regardless of pretty leathers, these are NOT sexy. If you’re not comfortable in high heels or they make your feet hurt, then find your […]

Sansha : Attractive dance sneakers

Tango sneakers

To access the full line of Sansha order from Eurostore.  

DNI tango shoes

DNI tango shoes

  DNI shoes are comfortable and made with great colors and materials. Standard sizes only, no customization. Several models of trainers plus women’s heels and men’s dress shoes.

St. Looi Blues

St Looi Blues Shoes

St. Looi Blues handmade shoes for leaders who wear pants.

Why do you wear such weird shoes?

Tango shoes

The most common thing for someone to say to me at a milonga is “you can’t dance in those shoes”. About 5 minutes later, they realize they’re wrong. When I started dancing, one of the main attractions was the chance to dress up often, including high heels. Since I was about 14 I’ve had more […]

About Comme Il Faut tango shoes

Comme Il Faut modular tango shoes

The most expensive tango shoe company is actually cutting costs by building shoes like legos. They have several fronts, several backs, and several heels, and they just mix and match and change the colors. That is not design and it’s not style. Punto.