About Comme Il Faut tango shoes

Comme Il Faut modular tango shoesIn 2008 on my first trip to Buenos Aires, I visited Comme Il Faut, just out of curiosity. To my horror, I learned that the purportedly most elegant tango shoe store in town built all of their shoes on the same heel. That is, all the 9cm shoes regardless of style have the same shape of heel. This is such bad design that it can’t even be called design.

When I explain to people my discovery of WHY it is that Comme Il Faut shoes are so unattractive, they tend to say  “but it’s the perfect heel”. Now how can it be the perfect heel if it’s arbitrary and predetermined? They clarify that it’s functionally perfect, purportedly “perfectly balanced”. What? We don’t balance on our heels, second there is no unbalanced dancer who can be saved by her shoe, and third I personally know plenty of beautiful stylish shoes with various gorgeous heels who seem to be able to keep their balance.

I think the real answer is that it’s cheap. The most expensive tango shoe company is actually cutting costs by building shoes like legos. They have several fronts, several backs, and several heels, and they just mix and match and change the colors. That is not design and it’s not style. Punto.

I also don’t like their sales strategy. Supposedly they perceive your deep essence as a dancer and bring you shoes they feel will be just right for you. This is flattering. The reality is they bring you few shoes to force your brain to choose the least worst. In Neo Tango, confronted with every shoe they make, I can look them all over and feel empowered to like or not like them. But at Comme Il Faut, facing only 4 or 5 shoes, even I almost convinced myself that one of these tasteless collages was beautiful.

Now wouldn’t you rather wear THESE????


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UltraVioleta tango clothing for men and women is coming soon! International shopping for the most elegant and sexy tango clothes is about to happen right here.

In the interim, I recommending a few designers and shops that I love, and curating their collections just for you.



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