Gustavo Naveira, interviewed by Brian Dunn 2005-8

“Gustavo, what are we going to do with this!? This is such an amazing way of making art, we must do something really great with this, something HUGE!!!” –Chicho

Fabián Salas, original interview by Keith Elshaw 2001


This interview is no longer available at, so I found a copy on another site and have reposted it here to be sure people have access to it. Please note there are still a lot of other very interesting articles available at Keith Elshaw: This interview was recorded in 2001. In July, 2001, […]

custom-made tango clothes (Berlin and online)


Finding wide-legged pants for men and a-line skirts for girls can be a real challenge. If you are in Berlin you can choose the fabric yourself for fabulous tango clothes at Stoffrausch. They also have an online shop. Thanks to Sebastian of Art13 for this tip.