Videos of the Maestros

Videos of the Maestros

Your brain is wired up to master movements from watching other people. These are your mirror neurons. Watch videos of the maestros. When you find someone you like, watch them over and over. Absorb how they move and then imagine their dance in your mind when you are dancing. I’ve done moves that I had no intention to do and had never tried or practiced, just because I had absorbed the gesture through watching.

There are so many great videos; I’ve just put a few favorites here to get you going. Below I’ve organized the videos into four sections: Leaders to watch, Followers to watch, Milonga, and Vals.

It’s great to watch demonstration videos that maestros allow students to shoot at the end of classes, because they tend to show lots of variations on an idea. Homer Ladas includes a little explanation along with the demo.



For how he goes to the ground and the economy of movement. The first two videos are my favorites in which he is dancing to new music. He also dances incredibly to very traditional music, so the third one is that.

Practica X 2009

Bajofondo in Mantova 2008

Sunderland 2009

Pablo Villarraza

For flexibility of the body, use of contra rebotes, softness of leader’s free leg.

Florianópolis 2007 class demo

Ostertango 2009 class demo

NYC 2007 class demo

NYC 2007 performance

Sitges 2008 performance


soft hip ultra wrapping

Pennsylvania 2006 class demo

Luis Bianchi

for colgadas

Krakow 2007 class demo

Pablo Rodriguez

(with Natasha Lewinger) for suspension

Milonga 10, 2011


Dana Frigoli

for strength of the base and relaxation of the free leg

Salon Canning 2007

NYC 2007 class demo

Eugenia Parrilla

for happiness and how she uses her head

Practica X, 2008

Juana Sepulveda

(if Chicho’s dancing with her, she must be doing something right)

Practica X 2009

Ariadna Naveira

Mantova 2009


Horacio Godoy y Cecilia Garcia, Brussels Tango Festival 2008

Oliver Kolker & Silvina, Chicago 2008

Sebastian Arce y Mariana Montes, Sardegna 2009


Ariadna Naveira y Fernando Sanchez, Bologna 2011

Chicho y Juana, Amsterdam 2009

New to Tango

In deep...


Tango Art


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