The MasterCourse is a complete documentation of TangoForge Pedagogy, covering every Element in the Tango Lexicon. I gratefully acknowledge my teachers, Pablo Villarraza and Dana Frígoli, Chicho, El Pulpo, Sebastián Arrua, Makela Brizuela, Pablo Rojas, and Eugenia Parrilla. I am grateful to dancers Armin Kyros, Iwan Harlan, and Germain Cascales for inspiring me to understand how far we can go with pure tango elements and technique.

The MasterCourse was initially filmed in live classes in Studio Berlin in 2017, with the assistance of TangoForge Artists Roberto, Jessica, and the 2017 Apprentices, Yoko, Stefan, and Swan. During most of the year I had an injury in my hip which prevented correct extension and internal rotation. In 2018, Sebastian Hill, master of Liebscher-Bracht Therapie, repaired my body.

In 2018 we are revising, with new footage as necessary and post-production improvements (As of 1.April 2018, we have revised Lexicon 1-10, as well as 19, 21, and 24. We proceed now in order from 11, revising roughly one Element per week. The revisions automatically replace the previous videos. There are no changes to the links.)

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NEW At the bottom of this page is a complete listing of all the biomechanics classes. (They also appear at the appropriate Lexicon #.)

Improvisation Lexicon Index

Walking Elements

Lexicon 01 02 03 04: Walk and Change Foot - We walk together in systems, on tracks, and we can change feet in different combinations.
Lexicon 05: Molinete Lineal - Molinete lineal is the custom for walking sidewards.
Lexicon 06: Ochos - An ocho is a step who begins with a pivot of 90-270 degrees
Lexicon 07_1: Sacadas: Front - In a sacada the partners step perpendicular to one another, with one partner displacing the other. Front sacadas are those in which the entering partner uses a front step.
Lexicon 07_2: Sacadas Back - In a sacada the partners step perpendicular to one another, with one partner displacing the other. Back sacadas are those in which the entering partner uses a back step.
Lexicon 08: Double giro - A giro is a circle. In the Double Giro both dancers walk the perimeter.
Lexicon 09: Single Giro: Mark’s - A giro is a circle. In the Mark's Single Giro the Mark stays in the center of the circle and the Revel walks the perimeter.
Lexicon 10: Calesita: Single Giro: Revel’s - A giro is a circle. In the Revel's Single Giro the Revel stays in the center of the circle and the Mark walks the perimeter.

Control Elements

Lexicon 11: Crosses - The free leg crosses in front or behind the base leg.
Lexicon 12: Parada - A stop, during any point of a step or pivot.
Lexicon 13: Barrida - A barrida moves the Revel's free leg by direct contact with the Mark's free leg.
Lexicon 21: Volcada - In Volcada the partners are off balance, leaning on one another.
Lexicon 22: Colgada - In Colgada the partners are off-balance, hanging on one another.
Lexicon 23: Adorno - Adornos are unmarked embellishments. Both partners can do almost anything they want, as long as they remain reliable and predictable.
Lexicon 24: Soltada - A soltada goes out of the standard embrace.

Power Elements

Lexicon 14: Rebote - A rebote is an elastic step which returns to the origin.
Lexicon 15: Alteración - Alteración is a dynamic step, created by making a rebote who pivots and releases at a different point than the origin.
Lexicon 16: Voleo Circular - Voleo Circular maximize front and back projections during a pivot.
Lexicon 17: Linear Voleo - Voleo Linear maximize front, back, and side projections.
Lexicon 18: Gancho - Ganchos hook a voleo through the partner's leg or around the body. This is a two-week theme.
Lexicon 19: Rebote Cadera - Contra block to Revel's Pivot.
Lexicon 20: Patada - Patada is a kick, usually between the partner's legs.
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