Argentine Tango Argentinischer Tango

TangoForge is a global community of Argentine Tango dancers
committed to Sublime Connection and
Maximum Artistry.

We broadcast our weekly
Biomechanics and Improvisation-Lexicon
so you can learn with us from anywhere.

You can meet us on Tour,
at our Annual Seminar,
or in Berlin Mitte.
Argentinischer Tango Anfänger ProgrammKreativität Programm:
Improvisation ohne auswendig

We also build tools to support partnerships and private practice.

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Most dancers are struggling with one of these challenges:

Finding more and better  PARTNERS... 

Making time for home  PRACTICE...

Improving  BALANCE...

Trying to REMEMBER what they learned in class...

Wondering how to get STARTED  with Argentine Tango?


If you're curious what TangoForge is about, the best way to get to know us is by taking a class with us.

We'll send a video class to the email you put below: