Argentine Tango Argentinischer Tango

It’s “just” dancing but Argentine Tango is more than a hobby, or a social group.

It reliably zaps your stress and uplifts your mood.
You experience unity of mind, body, and emotion
entering a condition called “Flow“:
intense presence in the moment,
unity of awareness and action,
and intrinsic meaningfulness.

Tango compels Flow through mutual concentration.

TangoForge provides precise instructions for
rapid development of your dancing.

Argentinischer Tango Tanz in Berlin Mitte
• Anfänger Programm
•Kreativität Programm: Improvisation ohne auswendig

Online Argentine Tango Lessons for Private Practice
• Exercise Center for Strength and Fluidity
• Courses for Solo Dancers and Pairs

Personal Training
Coaching for Experienced Dancers:
• How can you get to more partners who accelerate you?
• How can you move like the dancers you most admire?

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