Balance is not a character virtue - So many students say “I have bad balance” as if they are describing their shoe size or model of smartphone. Balance is not an innate character virtue or flaw. It’s a skill.
How to determine whether you are receiving quality instruction - There are lots of Argentine Tango instructors to choose from. There are lots of expensive workshops to attend. Everyone seems to rave about every teacher they’ve studied with and how fabulous the workshop was. Of course it’s fun to go to workshops just for the social part and the buzz. This post is about evaluating [...more]

What is procedural, anatomical technique?

Here are some examples from the monthly technique tips.

Voleo is made with co-contraction Compression is co-contraction! - I’ve just had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Michael Chang, a DanceSport champion turned sports scientist, who calls himself a “dance geek”. Michael verified the anatomical accuracy of my existing pedagogy and clarified the underlying anatomical reality of a few things that had been mysterious to me. As I’ve committed TangoForge to use only [...more]
Argentine Tango Back Cross technique Technique for Back Cross - Tango’s elegance and clean lines are epitomized in the revel’s back cross. When you revel it, you feel sleek and sinewy. When you mark it, you feel your mastery. To maximize these sensations and get them consistently, make sure not to add any pivot to the cross. Although we often use it after a spiral [...more]
What does it mean that the revel’s free leg belongs to the mark? - Perhaps because it feels like flying, revels love the sensation of sending their free legs up and out through the air. This pleasure is so distracting that we sometimes forget that our free leg belong to the mark. Although we hope he enjoys it too… The somewhat boring truth is that the grace and beauty [...more]
The point source of connection - It feels so good to press our hearts together. Do you sometimes wonder why you ever do anything else? This simple and accessible act is profoundly moving, as it crosses age and cultural barriers to affirm our humanity and compassion. Fortunately, we don’t have to be touching chests to experience this sensation of connection. In [...more]
Free Leg Fluidity - Many revels ask me about the fluidity of my free leg. The first thing I tell them is that freedom of the free leg comes from the base leg. The way our bodies function is that if the body is out of balance, the psoas muscle of the free leg will not work as strongly So if [...more]

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