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Improvisation is not about memorization.
It’s trusting our mutual knowledge of a system.

TangoForge has spent the last three years developing the very first comprehensive KnowledgeBase of tango movements.

• Discover the variations for each
of the 25 distinct tango movements.

• Five biomechanical tools provide
distilled and consistent technical specifications.

We are opposed to the secretive methods of the tango industry and we offer you total information access now.

The KnowledgeBase is a precision supplement to your ongoing study. You can look up movements after class to learn more. Continue your study while traveling or when you don’t have access to a live class.

Be ready for everything your partner can do.
  • The website is secure.
  • If you do not want to pay by credit card you can send electronic payment to:
    IBAN: DE13430609671170841800 Konto: Starr, BIC: GENODEM1GLS, BLZ: 430 609 67
    Also please send an email informing us as to your participation and we will prepare your credentials manually.
  • If you experience technical problems or have questions about the entries, please feel free to send an email to office@tangoforge.com.
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If you like Wikipedia, you’ll like the KnowledgeBase.

If you need structured training for your dreams and schedule,
we offer Personal Coaching and HyperCourses for private practice.

For more options, visit Engage, the TangoForge Store.

Preview Material from the KnowledgeBase and Private Practice Courses.

  • All 48 Sacadas with with perfect technique.
  • Understanding Joint Mechanics.
  • First session of Revel solo course, “Your Beauty comes from your Base

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 14 April 2014