Argentine Tango Online Courses

Classes are fun and fascinating.
Private practice is how you develop your partnerships
and train your body to become a better partner.

From a student I have never met in person:
“Dear Vio…This last Saturday
one of the best dancers in [my country] said
I had improved a lot since last time we danced (2 months ago)
which can only be to your credit.”

Every teacher will tell you that both partnered and solo Private Practice is essential to improvement. Most dancers don’t practice because they don’t have a structure. Our Argentine Tango online courses and tools provide structure for effective Private Practice.

Regardless of which “style” of tango you prefer, all Argentine Tango relies on the same skills of body control for connection and communication. TangoForge has studied the correct anatomy and biomechanics of these basic skills. We give precise instructions in objective scientific terminology, so that you can train in a clear and direct manner, without abstract metaphors.

We produce two Argentine Tango online classes per week: [1] Our Improvisation-Lexicon class which covers the technique and variations for one movement from the Lexicon each week, covering the whole Lexicon in six months. [2] Our Biomechanics class which supports the Lexicon theme with solo and partner exercises.

Students also have access to our Exercise Facility, which illustrates and explains important muscles’ function and provides exercises to help increase your muscle control, and our KnowledgeBase, a comprehensive Encyclopedia of Tango Movements which enables you to pursue deeper information about any movement, and about biomechanics.

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Experience TangoForge

photo by Vikas Narula, photo editing by TC

You can be a TangoForge Scholar by using our videos, or meeting us in Berlin.

To show you how we teach, we invite you to try a typical evening's classes. 

We start with a Biomechanics class to build the technique skills we need for the week's Improvisation theme.


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