MasterCourse & Digital School

You can upgrade or renew anytime. The MasterCourse includes access to our whole Digital School. This is our comprehensive enrollment. It includes:
  • the MasterCourse (EN/DE). Technique and variations of 25 Elements of Tango in 16 sessions
  • The Exercise Center (EN/DE)
  • Home Practice Courses for both roles and dance pairs (EN/DE)
  • the KnowledgeBase hyperlinked reference encyclopedia (EN)
It also includes access to any and all of our live courses for the duration of your enrollment, so that if you have any questions, you can just come and ask us for free.
Master Argentine Tango


If you have taken any live class with us OR enrolled in any part of the Digital School in the last 12 months you are entitled to upgrade to the MasterCourse simply by paying the difference between what you already paid and the full price.

Your enrollment will be extended for 18 months from your first payment.

If you already have a Digital School account, we will upgrade your access manually as soon as we are notified of your request.

Since the math is different for everyone, you will need to enter a custom amount:

If you are upgrading as a solo dancer,
please subtract what you have paid from €479.


MasterCourse Upgrade

If you are upgrading as a pair,
please subtract what both of you have paid from €617.


MasterCourse Upgrade

If you have any questions, please just us the chat button at bottom right.

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