“Just like a clever dance.”

Eric Jørisson (founder of El Corte in Nijmegen)


Tango Novel: Aleph Bravo Tango
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Aleph Bravo Tango Ebook


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Vio co-wrote the novel with Duro. (Duro Y Vio = Dyv) We were inspired by a 2007 conference at Harvard University about tango as a transnational culture. Also we wanted to create something that would help people to imagine a queerer tango. We forbid ourselves to use the word ‘passion’ and instead tried to articulate the experience more precisely.

Argentine Tango is more than an elaborate and difficult dance, it is an international culture of intimacy, desire, and dignity. No mere romance or memoir, the intricately woven stories evoke tango’s true mysteries – the elation, the frustration, the compulsion…We released the book in 2009. Dancers say “how did you know what I was feeling?”

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