30 November

Voleo Cardio
One of my favorite discoveries of 2021 has been my Voleo Cardio workout. I do it every day. Not only is it maintaining my cardio fitness in a quick 10 minute workout that I can do anywhere, but also it’s changing my relationship to tango.
Not waiting for men or milongas to do voleos is an experience that just keeps becoming more profound. I’ve added to the workout hand and arm gestures from ballet and yoga. These movements aren’t even possible in the embrace, and add another layer of pleasure. 10 minutes of voleos alone in front of the mirror does not replace tango, but I feel it’s is one more step toward a tango that doesn’t involve betrayal..

If you don’t like the music, mute it and play something else!

For technique tips and advanced variations, see the Voleo Cardio page in the Exercise Center.

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