Why learn to dance Argentine Tango?

  • Tango creates a profound sense of connection, without alcohol or small talk.

  • You can dance with 10 partners every night, or just one.

  • There’s no right way to interpret the music. You can dance to the melody, one of several rhythms, or switch back and forth.

  • Tango is reliably emotionally uplifting.

  • When you travel, you can dance tango in every major city of the world any night of the week. Queer Tango is growing globally.

  • It feels like flying.

  • As a leader, you will deepen and strengthen your butch. As a follower you will glory in new levels of femme. And you can do both.

  • Tango is always a drag show.

  • Doctors say dancing is good for you, especially tango.

  • Tango has no age limit. Less demanding than golf, you can do it as long as you can walk.

  • It’s hot.