Why learn to dance Argentine Tango?


Queer Tango

What's TangoForge? Who's Vio?

  • Vio is part of the international movement to Queer Argentine Tango by encouraging gender complexity and exploration and creating space for GLBT people to enjoy tango. She is the founder of of Queer Tango Boston and Queer Tango Wellington. Her students now run their own weekly practicas and classes as community organizations. Vio is committed to building and supporting Queer Tango everywhere and, through her school TangoForge, to liberatory teaching methods. She is the co-author of Aleph Bravo Tango, a novel about Argentine Tango which, among other things, encourages readers to imagine a Queerer Tango. The novel was published in 2009 and is available on Amazon and other online booksellers.

Global Queer Tango Connections

  • Tango creates a profound sense of connection, without alcohol or small talk.

  • You can dance with 10 partners every night, or just one.

  • There’s no right way to interpret the music. You can dance to the melody, one of several rhythms, or switch back and forth.

  • Tango is reliably emotionally uplifting.

  • When you travel, you can dance tango in every major city of the world any night of the week. Queer Tango is growing globally.

  • It feels like flying.

  • As a leader, you will deepen and strengthen your butch. As a follower you will glory in new levels of femme. And you can do both.

  • Tango is always a drag show.

  • Doctors say dancing is good for you, especially tango.

  • Tango has no age limit. Less demanding than golf, you can do it as long as you can walk.

  • It’s hot.

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