Wellington 2015


pacific 2015

Thursday 3.Dec
19:30-20:30 What is the the TangoForge Biomechanical Toolbox?
20:30-21:30 Welcome Practica.
Evening is free for everyone taking weekend workshops. Otherwise $10.

Saturday 5.Dec
1200-1500: Biomechanical Toolbox 1*
1600-1900: Improvisation Workshop: “Intense connection outside of the standard embrace: a system for soltadas”

Sunday 6.Dec
1200-1500: Biomechanical Toolbox 2*
1600-1900: Improvisation Workshop: “The power of change of embrace: contra rebote, contra linear voleo, flying step”

Monday 7.Dec
Queer Tango Wellington
“The Revel’s Initiative: What When Where How Much and Why?”

I understand that at this time of year, you may not be available for the whole weekend, so you can do any 2 workshops ($85) if you can’t do 4 ($150).

*Toolbox 1 and 2 together cover the use of the biomechanics to execute roughly 3/4 of the Argentine Tango Lexicon. They may be taken independently. This is the same material we did in the Anatomy Tour, so you can repeat or go to the Impro workshops for something new!

3/5/6 December at BodyLab, 43 Hania Street.

Monday 7.Dec Queer Tango at Crossways, 6 Roxburgh St.

Register below (prices are in €).

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