Last July a crew of 17 dancers from 6 countries met in Berlin and brought to life a plan I had been refining for a long time.

For years I’ve worked to understand how we can be more effective in marketing tango to new people. We all know that most people come to tango initially as a dating alternative, but as Sven Else of Berlin’s wildly successful Milonga Popular has demonstrated, we have the best chance to resonate with some subset of that group, our own “tribe”.

My tribe is not Sven’s (young art students who like doing drugs in clubs). And it’s not divorcé/es – but most tango organizers are doing a very good job on that one. My tribe is athletes.

Years ago I noticed that the best Marks I’ve ever trained had martial arts experience, and yoga is the most relevant physical training for Revels.

As a yogi myself I yearn for my strength, flexibility, discipline, concentration, and openness to be witnessed and admired. I want social activities where that physicality is relevant, preferably something with more boys than I ever see in any yoga class.

I’ve never done martial arts, but I observe the same well-earned pride in skills of similar character. I also notice that most martial artists are guys, and presume they have the same yearnings to be so witnessed by girls.

Without a lot of alcohol or small talk.

For years I tried to make a plan of outreach to yogis and martial artists. Last year I met Cédric Tellier, kung-fu master, actor, tango and zouk dancer. The concept for this film unfurled before our eyes. Then an absolute dream team of cinematographers, dancers, and musicians joined with beautiful enthusiasm. I am so grateful for the trust everyone placed in me.

Herewith, is WARRIOR. As you probably know, there are several yoga poses named ‘Warrior’, and martial arts practitioners cultivate a spiritual warriorhood, even if they do not intend to fight anyone. The film is designed to resonate with cultural references yogis and martial artists.

Developing these disciplined, solitary skills is a kind of warriorhood itself. As is getting through life. I have always believed that partnership would be the reward. Tango offers us the experience of unity through our disciplined bodies.

Yogis and martial artists are the folks I want to be dancing with in 5 years. You too? It so, please help me to get this film out globally to these tribes.

And please join me in thanking the crew: Cédric Tellier, Fabienne Butt, Jessica Förster, Thomas Conte, Max Thomas, Pez, Ines Catharina, Roberto L’Ange, Fritz Schadow, Sonja Witte, Eva Curtius, Alan Nguyen, Jaina Hirai, Rebecca Rainey, Camilla Fabbri, CJ Yetman.

Music by Abisko Lights

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I want you to know that you are not alone…

… neither in your dreams for tango nor in your frustrations.

My deepest desire is the same as all my students and friends … those who have yet to start dancing and those who dance a lot.

It’s partnership.

One thing I’ve learned on this quest, we need to:

Stop Waiting for Partners, and start Building them.

I’ve written a 10-step Action Plan.

Are you ready to find the Partners you want?




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