Extreme Tango at the Berlin KitKat


Vio y Roberto KitKat Club Berlin Intimacy Milonga, organizers Sven Elze & Pedram Shahyar 7.September 2016 DJ Mona Isabelle

“A Bold Journey to Self-Creation”: TangoForge at the Contemporary Tango Festival 2016

andreas lange    o

Eine Reise zur Selbstverwirklichung – unten auf Deutsch We were thrilled to be part of the Contemporary Tango Festival in the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, 23-28 August, 2016. The Contemporary Tango Festival offers free milongas every night with live music and performances in the phenomenal space of the Central Train Station of Europe. (Please see the facebook page for […]


TangoForge Argentine Tango Vio y Roberto

Tryst TangoForge What we do and why We are a global community of dancers applying Argentine Tango’s biomechanics of connection to extreme improvisation and the world heritage of music. Meet Vio and Roberto in the beautiful Tangoloft-Berlin, our online KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia of tango technique, and Extreme Tango Improvisation. Dancers: Vio, Roberto, Germain Cascales, Frauke Nees, […]

The party’s not over until the last gancho…

saturday demo lighter still

Vio y Roberto Rome 30.Jan 2016 workshop demo

Vio y Roberto y Elio, Tango Bar, Rome

sunday showtanz v

Vio y Roberto DJ Elio Astor Tango Bar, Rome 31.January 2016

Soltada & Gancho Demos Vio Marks Roberto

friday piernazo

This is the first video of Vio marking Roberto. It was the last demo of our January 2016 weekend in London. We are demonstrating soltadas.   We began our January 2016 London workshops with a práctica about ganchos. Here’s the demo we did later in the evening:

Tango Trouble


“Tango Trouble”, a film by Walter Baumgartner, with “Die Freunde des vollen Mondes“ and Vio y Roberto. There’s not much dancing in this film, but a great orquesta, and a cute story…  

Vio y Hiroe “El Encuentro”

december shot

Vio y Hiroe demonstration at Queer Tango Wellington, 7.Dec 2015 Improvised Argentine Tango music Ashram “Il Mostro”

2015 Hauptbahnhof Contemporary Tango Festival


In preparation for the 2016 Hauptbahnhof Contemporary Tango Festival, director Andreas Rochholl made this video about 2015.

Argentine Tango out of the clichés

We’re scheming to get tango out of the clichés. To show that it’s athletic…that its romance will take you by surprise…that it’s drop-dead sexy in whatever shoes you are already wearing… and that you can dance tango to the music you already love.

William Hung Vo: Into the Light!


In July 2012, William Vo did his first tango performance. It was on a stage but I insisted that we dance improvised. We were pleased to be invited to perform by the Colombian Cultural and Folkloric Association.