Counterproductive Up in the Lead


Many students (and teachers) over-use Up for aspects of the lead where it is inappropriate. Using up as a trick to make something difficult happen must be un-learned as students advance. The Mark should only lift his hands away from the floor if he intends to lift the Revel’s free leg into the air.

Up is counterproductive for:

  • Cross with change of foot (as it’s actually the correct mark for a faked/incompleted cross)
  • Change of weight, as it actually communicates to the follower not to change foot.
  • Stopping, as it blocks her ability to arrive strongly to her new base, which is what she needs in order stop.

Constantly giving the revel a sensation of up will also cause her steps to be shorter and more hesitant as it prevents her relation with her leg muscles.

If your hand or arm is in contact with the revel’s underarm you are likely leading too much up.

Also if you find that her clothing has been drawn upward, you have been pulling on her.


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