Hope Whisperers (and Italy food guide)


It seems that tango may survive. We were delighted and astonished to find students wanting to concentrate on learning sophisticated technique, changing roles, preferring diverse music, and even a few hotshots daring to be creative (again)….

Searching for the Italian in Argentine Tango: second entry

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The “something”, I believe, is the fire of urgency. And this is what is missing in Europe, and it is what makes Americans relatively good tangueros. It is the desperation which drives you to invade a stranger with your personality and with the utter confidence that you are SEXY.

The Old World


I went to Italy to eat tortelli, not to dance. I am immediately disoriented. Everything looks, and smells, like Buenos Aires. The hallway of the apartment, a delicate mustiness. The smell of marble. I arrive in the dark in a foreign land, Modena. There is a milonga nearby. I feel an old, now-unfamiliar, excitement. I […]

San Francisco Bay Area


San Francisco is my birthplace, but I started dancing in Los Angeles, so I’m not part of the San Francisco community. A few quick points: Milongas end very early and are often empty 30 minutes before the stated closing time. Since this means they are quite short, people go on time at the start. If […]

Berlin Guide to Milongas & Food 2018


Below the Milonga guide is a guide to my other passion, food… And below that a short guide to museums and shopping. Milongas Do be sure to bring your miniskirt if you have great legs as that’s the main criterion men use for deciding who to dance with. You might also want to read my […]

Berlin Tango Histories

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“Berlin is the first city of the world where you had tango community who danced Argentine Tango. In Japan in 40s and 50s you had many people who heard tango music, But dancers in a community, you had in Uruguay and BsAs, but not in Europe. The first point of the world to have this outside from South America was Berlin. Berlin is famous for the boheme life. People come here to go out, to meet people, to laugh and love with them. And tango is a part of this.

Tango in Berlin 2014

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Berlin is purported to be the #2 city in the world for Argentine Tango. No one knows what this means – number of dancers, level… It doesn’t matter, it’s well worth the trip. This post began as a summary of my experiences in July and August, 2014, so it still has the flavor of a […]

How to Berlin

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Buy a monthly subway pass so can wander around without doing math and fingering robots all the time… €78. There’s a special ticket for tango dancers who promise never to go anywhere before 10am… €60/month. Stop worrying about how to get home.  The night buses permeate.  Just go to the nearest U/S station and read […]

Happy Tango in Buenos Aires

Happy Tango in Buenos Aires

I am so glad to find this book. An English woman who started dancing in her 40s has written a book of really good tips on how to make sure you have a happy time and blissful dancing when you go to Buenos Aires. (This is not always easy to do.) She has 11 smart […]

Pilates Buenos Aires

Mil Grullas Pilates for Tango dancers

Mil grullas, Barrio Norte, beautiful studio in old building in tranquil neighborhood: Gascón 1454 at El Salvador T. 4867 2491. Equilibrio Vitalidad Armonia PIlates, Villa Crespo. untranquil street, cramped floorspace, but airy and natural lit studio, high in an apartment building (unmarked buzzer) 10th Floor Unit C. Eva is a vigilant instructor and appears to […]

Wellington NZ Bodywork

BodyLab We Cure Pain

Brendan Roach BodyLab “We Cure Pain”.

Tango Marathon Directory

Argentine Tango Marathons

Want to go dancing? The Global Tango Marathon Directory lists all the events where you can get together with tango dancers you don’t know yet, and dance all day and night (with breaks for great food). You can search by date and plan your travel around some amazing weekends. It includes festivals, but also the […]

Where to dance in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City

Tango San Francisco

I’m often asked to recommend milongas in the US. I haven’t been home in a few years, but I can tell you what I liked when I was last there. First of all, you’ll need the calendars for each city. San Francisco’s MangoTango Calendar is especially user-friendly with listings for the entire Bay Area, searchable […]

Packing for Buenos Aires

Packing for Buenos Aires

You will need to feel great. Bring whatever makes you feel Sexy Sexy Sexy (daytime stuff too). Do not pack anything that you feel so-so in. You won’t even want to go to the grocery store in it.

Guide to Buenos Aires

Travel Guide to Buenos Aires

Neighborhoods and great apartments, transportation, my favorite food, pilates, milongas, teachers, shopping. Plus updates on the queer and ex-nuevo scenes.

Getting custom shoes made in Buenos Aires

Custom Tango shoes

EVERY shoe store (except 2×4) will tell you that they do “custom” shoes: “Anything you want!”. We learned that what this means is that they will change the colors and materials of the models they make. It has NOTHING to do with the fit. If you have a VERY unusual foot, what you actually need […]