Berlin’s Authenticity, article for Modern Tango World Berlin edition

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I made a series of interviews on behalf of the Berlin edition of Modern Tango World 2015. This is an overview, emphasizing the most interesting things I learned, with links to the original interviews. “Erfahrungen machen” is a common German phrase, which translates as “making experiences”. The long history of tango here in Berlin has […]

Berlin Tango Histories

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“Berlin is the first city of the world where you had tango community who danced Argentine Tango. In Japan in 40s and 50s you had many people who heard tango music, But dancers in a community, you had in Uruguay and BsAs, but not in Europe. The first point of the world to have this outside from South America was Berlin. Berlin is famous for the boheme life. People come here to go out, to meet people, to laugh and love with them. And tango is a part of this.

“The interesting questions” interview with Judith Preuss, Mala Junta


I’m not the first generation of tango dancers in Berlin. I have knowledge for 20 years. I entered the scene in 1991. From the beginning in Berlin women couples existed, Brigitte and Angelika. When my first dance partner quit, I started leading, leading, leading. Irma, my teacher said “ok, I don’t have men for you, […]

“The Borders are why you Stay” interview with Brigitta Winkler, PHYNIXtanzt and TangoMujer


The initial spark was the Horizonte Festival in the Künstlerhaus in Mariannenstraße in Kreuzberg in 1982. They had Latin American cultures and they invited an Argentine group who used to live in Paris, Alejandra Sedano and Coco Orlando Días, together with a live band. That was the first time that I saw tango. Jaun Dietrich […]

The significance of Berlin to Tango: Interview with DJ Michael Rühl, Roter Salon

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Berlin is the first city of the world where you had tango community who danced Argentine Tango. In Japan in 40s and 50s you had many people who heard tango music. But dancers in a community, you had in Uruguay and Buenos Aires, but not in Europe. Berlin is the first point of the world to […]

“I feel very blessed that I speak this language” interview with Mona Isabelle, Tangoloft Berlin

Mona Isabelle Contemporary Festival by Erik Jan Ouwerkerk

Mona Isabelle is, without a doubt, a diva of the Berlin tango scene. Any room she is in sparkles more because she is there. She is always elegant, always energetic, always delighted to be there. Her presence enlivens and illuminates the evening. She has been described as an “Artist of Welcome”. She ended her interview […]

DJ Jens Stuller, Interview

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My first big Milonga idea grew up in 2007, when I saw an announcement for a theater performance in an empty indoor swimming pool. I knew this former public pool from my youth, when I still was swimming there. I phoned the new owner Mrs. Berger and made an appointment to talk about the Milonga […]

Andreas Rochholl announces the 2016 Berlin Hauptbahnhof Contemporary Tango Festival

Contemporary Tango Festival

Andreas has organized a Contemporary Tango Night as part of his festival “Ankunft: Neue Musik” with contemporary music and performace in the Hauptbahnhof, Berlin’s central train station, for the last 7 years, in collaboration with the Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s train company. For 2016 this festival has a new structure and is completely dedicated to Contemporary […]

Experimenting to popularize Tango


Sven Elze and Pedram Shahyar, Tango Kollektiv The challenge facing every tango professional is how to attract new dancers. We all have lots of ideas, and we know that most of them don’t work. If we had more students, the teachers wouldn’t need to compete, and most of our tango wars would go away. Sven […]

Growing up Tango in Berlin, interview with Max Power, Tanguito Potsdam


For me authenticity is really important, but it’s authenticity for me, my logic, what I am doing. What I am teaching about tango makes sense. So that a student afterwards feels comfortable, feels logical, that they can use it, that they can understand it, practice it, get better.

Interview with Henning Klose, TangoLoft Berlin

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My first experience of TangoLoft made me cry. I couldn’t even dance that night. I was so moved that a milonga could be everything that I dream of… Elegant – with candles and flowers and antique furniture. Comfortable – with various seating options. Gourmet –with a kitchen. Free – without scowling onlookers. Happy –with laughter and smiles. Diverse –with all […]

Interview with Thomas Rieser, Nou Tango school, Berlin


Researching the schools in Berlin, I came across this interview with Thomas Rieser, founder of Nou Tango, Berlin. The interview just made me want to ask him more questions, and he kindly agreed. My first question was the obvious one from the other interview, which was to ask him more about the fact that he […]