Tango Fundamentalism

The New Victorian boys like to say that they don’t need a big vocabulary because it’s all about the music and connection with the partner. And those dancers who do still use the entire tango repertoire are accused of not caring about connection and emotion in the dance. “The music is leading,” say the New Victorians, one of several truisms by which the New Victorians glorify simplistic dancing. None of these truisms necessitate eliminating movements.

I don’t think that’s style…

About Tango Styles

Here we go again. My third post on style. The first one is here, it’s meant to calm new people. The second one is here, it’s a bit of a vent. I’m not being difficult.  I really don’t get it. People in Australia are constantly saying to me “Eventually I want to learn all the styles, but for […]

How can tango clothing be too sexual?

Tango clothing

Tango is a chance to be sexy and show off. People should wear whatever they want. One of the great things about tango is that “No one will ever say ‘You’re too old to be wearing that’.” It’s clearly untenable to get prudish about the dance which is already perceived to be pure sex.

Making tango your own

You are investing time, power, and heart into this dance. It may sound obvious, but it’s crucial to remind yourself that you’re doing all this for your own pleasure. Tango is a space of self-expression, elation, and emotional intensity that are very personal. It’s also an authoritarian, righteous, rules-centered, judgmental world. Perhaps too easily, we […]

Tango bigotry

Tango Bigotry

Why are some of us so intent on putting down others’ way of dancing? While encouraging entrants to celebrate their love of tango and have fun, the upcoming Australian Tango Dance Challenge “forbids” ganchos and lifting the legs (they must have meant to say feet) “above the knees.” Why would a tango competition forbid moves […]

Once and For All: Tango Nuevo is Not a Style of Dance

Once and for all: Tango Nuevo is NOT a style of dance

“Before … creating tango steps was all about inspiration … but now we have this tool. And I think many people call it ‘nuevo tango’ because they couldn’t understand how all those steps just appeared…they didn’t realize it was the same thing that they were looking at.”

Packing for Buenos Aires

Packing for Buenos Aires

You will need to feel great. Bring whatever makes you feel Sexy Sexy Sexy (daytime stuff too). Do not pack anything that you feel so-so in. You won’t even want to go to the grocery store in it.

88 keys…

I made a rough estimate of the number of discrete tango moves. There are 25 movements in the tango lexicon, each with various numbers of variations (there are 48 sacadas, and far more ganchos).
Different dynamics of motion would correspond to the chords.

An ode to Club Atlético de Quilmes and Authentic Argentine Tango, by Alistair Baillie

Maradona and Tango

This post is an ode to Club Atlético Argentino de Quilmes.  It features Diego Armando Maradona, Lionel Andrés Messi, Thomas and James Hogg, H. de Winton and J. C. Thring, and Royal Shrovetide Football too, but it is primarily an ode to the students of Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires that formed Argentino de Quilmes […]

What’s in a style?

People talk A LOT about different styles of Argentine Tango. They talk about what looks good, what’s “authentic“, which moves shouldn’t be done while dancing socially… I’ve written before that I think style is something you create on an individual level, from your choice in shoes to the sassy way you tilt your head when […]

Nuevo Tango Reloaded

Pablo Dana Tango

The Buenos Aires perspective: “Tango Nuevo doesn’t exist” and the NZ/AU perspective “There are styles of Argentine Tango and every dancer can be categorized into one of them” are talking past each other. I’m starting to feel it’s a bit disingenuous to keep insisting that it doesn’t exist. This post is my first attempt to describe what it is that people are seeing when they say “that’s tango nuevo”.

About Tango Music

De Angeles

Argentine Tango is a rich genre of music, which has already been interpreted around the world by musicians for decades. It is a fascinating and worthy subject of study and I’ve listed below some wonderful resources for learning. If you know of more, I’d be so happy to include them, just send the info using […]

What are the different tango styles?

What are the styles of Argentine Tango?

Unlike dances with formal international congresses and officiating bodies, tango is a happy chaos of meanings and pleasures. You’ll hear names like “salon tango”, “nuevo tango”, “milonguero style”, “Villa Urquiza style” and on and on. But on real dance floors all over the world you’ll be hard pressed to categorize a dancer or a teacher, and there’s no need to categorize yourself.

Why do you wear such weird shoes?

Tango shoes

The most common thing for someone to say to me at a milonga is “you can’t dance in those shoes”. About 5 minutes later, they realize they’re wrong. When I started dancing, one of the main attractions was the chance to dress up often, including high heels. Since I was about 14 I’ve had more […]

Nuevo Tango Doesn’t Exist, But it Sure is Taking up a Lot of Space on the Dance Floor

Chicho Juana Practica X

Indeed, a visitor to Buenos Aires could not today distinguish between traditional and new milongas based on the music played, the embrace used, steps and movements, which orchestras are invited to play, or which dancers are invited to perform. What is different is age of patrons, and whether the tables are hosted and segregated…

About Comme Il Faut tango shoes

Comme Il Faut modular tango shoes

The most expensive tango shoe company is actually cutting costs by building shoes like legos. They have several fronts, several backs, and several heels, and they just mix and match and change the colors. That is not design and it’s not style. Punto.

The Chicho Interview

Chicho Tangauta interview

“The traditionalists complain about the modern ones contending that they don’t dance tango, instead they do gymnastics, and the modern dancers complain that the others got stuck in time. There is no fusion, it is one group against the other, and it makes me sad because in reality we are all together.”

beautiful, complex interview with Pablo Veron

Pablo Veron Interview by El Tangauta

Pablo Veron was the choreographer and principle dancer of Sally Potter’s movie, The Tango Lesson. In this interview in El Tangauta he discusses current tango debates, such as whether and how to differentiate styles of dancing, what has happened with the emergence of pedagogies for teaching, and the “industrialization” of tango. The interview beautifully articulates why improvisation is the soul of tango.