Argentine Tango Dancing Flow


Tango induces the psychological state of Flow by demanding immediate mutual concentration and fusing action and awareness.

And then when you least expect it

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Tango’s magic and mystery can return as easily as it faded away. Tonight I danced with the best dancer of my life. I’ll call him Mr.  Anti-cliche. I admired him last night.  Then tonight I complimented him at Milonga Popular. Which has moved upstairs to a larger,  but no less problematic room.  Especially problematic  for […]

the grind

The tango grind

You’re too tired to contemplate putting on your shoes. You’re worn out by life. You want to cry, or scream, or get drunk. And it was a crazy day. There’s no time for dinner now. But the milonga beckons. Maybe you’ll feel better there? You remind yourself that last night did not make you feel […]