Argentine Tango versus Contact Improvisation

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Fundamentally tango and contact use a lot of the same skills,  and can support one another in the mechanics of connection. But as a practice they are different and this difference is substantive and should inform dancers’ choices. Tango has a Mark and a Revel.  The agreement is that the Revel will not interpret; she […]

Guide to Argentine Tango for Ballroom Dancers

Argentine Tango for Ballroom Dancers

Are you ready to try Argentine Tango? You’ll use all your ballroom dancing skills, but every step is improvised, so it will be an exciting new challenge. This guide will help you understand the key differences between Argentine Tango and Ballroom.

Guide to tango for Ballet Dancers

TangoForge Argentine Tango for Ballerinas

Tango will use all your ballet skills for concentration and muscle control, but requires less strength and flexibility, so it’s kinder to your body.

Choosing a partner dance for social dancing

Choosing a Partner Dance for Social Dancing

Swing, Salsa, Ballroom, Argentine Tango … Each of the popular social partner dances offers a different experience. The music! • The social atmosphere • What people wear • The dance’s own mood • The structure of the dance…