What does it mean that the revel’s free leg belongs to the mark?

Perhaps because it feels like flying, revels love the sensation of sending their free legs up and out through the air. This pleasure is so distracting that we sometimes forget that our free leg belong to the mark. Although we hope he enjoys it too… The somewhat boring truth is that the grace and beauty […]

Why does she keep doing voleos?

Because you are stopping her with force and tension that acts as an impulse, initiating the stretch-reflex. If you want to stop quietly without issuing an impulse, you need to decelerate her whole step.    

Counterproductive Up in the Lead

Many students (and teachers) over-use Up for aspects of the lead where it is inappropriate. Using up as a trick to make something difficult happen must be un-learned as students advance. Moving your hands upward should only be used to lift the follower’s free leg into the air. Up is counterproductive for: • Cross with […]

Tips for Anibal and Hosanna’s cool ganchos

Anibal and Hosanna taught a fun workshop Friday night about ganchos. I had a great time. Here are a few tips to make the movements they taught easier. I’m not describing the sequences here, there were plenty of video cameras in the room. I’m just adding some tips for making them work.  If I use […]

Why doesn’t Vio ask me to dance &/or why is it so hard to follow her?

If you have either of these questions, I’m very happy because it means you are attracted to something about my leading and you want to participate. The best next step is to take a private lesson with me. I promise you’ll get more out of it than spending the equivalent in group classes. I’ll give […]

Changing Tension in the Embrace

Lecture Notes Point 0: The follower is responsible for connection We have one point of contact: our hands. They are important even in close embrace. The follower needs to use both of her hands feeling the leader’s body for 4 directions of movement. She should be connected with fingerpads of both hands. The leader should not grip […]

How to stay grounded = how to fly…

Written in response to Sydney Tango Forum discussion. Please note that I view this post as somewhat outdated as it was written in response to a particular conversation. Please visit the KnowledgeBase for the most distilled and updated technique. I think we want to generate power from the ground for stability and connection and achieve […]

How to improve your tango and make the most of your expenditures

Don’t just practice, practice all the time Whenever you are not sitting in a chair or lying in bed, you can be practicing tango. Take every step with awareness of moving correctly onto the new base. Whenever you are waiting for the bus or train, or standing in line, work on your balance. If you […]

About Practicing

Every tango teacher exhorts students to practice, and every student agrees that they need to practice. Most dancers don’t. For the same reasons we don’t do lots of other things: We do what’s most urgent or compelling, and lots of actions and good ideas and “shoulds” get pushed aside. But we really want to improve […]

The power of desire

One of the most painful parts of tango for aRrevel is waiting, or sitting. It makes us feel passive and powerless when we wait for someone –anyone– to ask us for a dance. This is a mistaken perception of the situation and revels can develop a deeper understanding of what is going on.

Most of what you need to know to revel any style at any level

Forget about stepping. It’s not your job. Focus completely on projecting and then getting your base when you find you are on a new foot.