A social milonga

nino bien wide

In Buenos Aires the worst thing that can happen to you at a milonga is not to find a table. At a table, you are never alone. Even if everyone else is dancing, you are obviously part of a group. Once you are sitting, you too are a host, watching out for arriving friends or handsome tourists who need a place. In Berlin, if you are lucky you get a chair, to wait in and to which you are not attached. Dancers in Berlin milongas are in perpetual solitary motion and circulation.

Happy Tango in Buenos Aires

Happy Tango in Buenos Aires

I am so glad to find this book. An English woman who started dancing in her 40s has written a book of really good tips on how to make sure you have a happy time and blissful dancing when you go to Buenos Aires. (This is not always easy to do.) She has 11 smart […]

Interview with Roberto Martinez

Hector Maure

I’m sitting with Roberto in the milonga. He knows every song, and each one triggers a story about the men in the orquestra. “This guy Alberto Castillo had 200 suits. And shoes to match each one. They called him El Electrico because he sings as if he put his finger in the power point. His […]

Right, wrong, and handsome

You're never wrong in tango

“It’s an interesting phrase…” my student said. “–The one the Argentine teachers use: ‘It’s not wrong, but…’ Why do they say that?” There are obvious answers, and deeper ones. On the obvious level are several possibilities, such as: [1] The student might be using a different, perfectly legitimate, sequence to get the same result. Affirming that […]

Pilates Buenos Aires

Mil Grullas Pilates for Tango dancers

Mil grullas, Barrio Norte, beautiful studio in old building in tranquil neighborhood: Gascón 1454 at El Salvador T. 4867 2491. Equilibrio Vitalidad Armonia PIlates, Villa Crespo. untranquil street, cramped floorspace, but airy and natural lit studio, high in an apartment building (unmarked buzzer) 10th Floor Unit C. Eva is a vigilant instructor and appears to […]

Packing for Buenos Aires

Packing for Buenos Aires

You will need to feel great. Bring whatever makes you feel Sexy Sexy Sexy (daytime stuff too). Do not pack anything that you feel so-so in. You won’t even want to go to the grocery store in it.

A Passing Embrace

Fabian Perez painting

It’s the performance that counts. You drag your self into another reality, propped up with costumes and glue. You may not believe it, but you will convince those who aren’t paying close attention anyway.

About “Authenticity”

Authentic Argentine Tango

I have forbidden myself from using the word “authenticity”. I don’t give “that’s the way it’s done” as an explanation, and I don’t let myself say “how it is in Buenos Aires”. Don’t get me wrong, I love Buenos Aires and dancing there. But I recognize that these explanations don’t serve my goals as a teacher and dancer – to empower my students and make tango culturally relevant.

Guide to Buenos Aires

Travel Guide to Buenos Aires

Neighborhoods and great apartments, transportation, my favorite food, pilates, milongas, teachers, shopping. Plus updates on the queer and ex-nuevo scenes.

Getting custom shoes made in Buenos Aires

Custom Tango shoes

EVERY shoe store (except 2×4) will tell you that they do “custom” shoes: “Anything you want!”. We learned that what this means is that they will change the colors and materials of the models they make. It has NOTHING to do with the fit. If you have a VERY unusual foot, what you actually need […]

Nuevo Tango Doesn’t Exist, But it Sure is Taking up a Lot of Space on the Dance Floor

Chicho Juana Practica X

Indeed, a visitor to Buenos Aires could not today distinguish between traditional and new milongas based on the music played, the embrace used, steps and movements, which orchestras are invited to play, or which dancers are invited to perform. What is different is age of patrons, and whether the tables are hosted and segregated…

Why we need Feminist Tango

La Maria Tango Practica

A feminist tango is not anti-man in any way, but it is pro-woman. It means we give each other the same gracious generosity that we habitually and unhesitatingly offer to strange men. It means we give each other more, and what that more can be is open to the imagination of every woman who has suffered the unique and poignant pains of tango.

La Maria Practica, Buenos Aires (the complete interview)

Assisted by Daniele Perillo, I interviewed the organizers of La Maria Practica on 25 January, 2010. Inspired by the interview, I wrote an article about the need for feminist tango. At the time of the interview, La Maria was organized by Majo Marini, Cynthia Fatori, y Corina Herrera. As of March 2010, the organizers are […]