Jewels are about reflection and refraction… This is an update on the plans for JewelLab during my time in Berlin. Please read it carefully as YOU are involved!

The original plan was that Belen would take responsibility for JewelLab, teaching classes and running the milonga in my absence. Our two month experiment in collaboration was wonderful for our students and for us. We are looking forward to further collaboration. However, Belen is currently fighting a custody case and cannot work in a bar at night.

Upon reflection, Nick and I recognized that our priority for JewelLab is not to run a popular milonga, but to support the beautiful community who currently USE and LOVE JewelLab.

We experimented with pandering to the mainstream with 100% traditional music for three months, but now it’s time to get back to the music you want.

JewelLab will be a 50% altertango music practica from 7:30-10:30pm

(running later at the discretion and power of the DJ.)

The refraction is that we have a community, and that means we aren’t dependent on a teacher or professional organizer.

Already Jael has offered to manage the infrastructure, and Nick and Pasha will tag-team as DJs.

We hope that you’ll bring some food or anything else to make the night sparkle. (Please don’t bring alcohol as that violates our agreement with the bar.)

We look forward to the next experiment –community!

Vio and The JewelLab Team

Jael, Nick, Pasha

JewelLab is about the Jewels.
You, the students and dancers, are the Jewels.
Together we are a treasure!