Rates and fees

Please see the page about private lessons to understand why this is the center of my teaching.


  • Private lesson for one person or a couple: €65/AU$85/NZ$85/hour
  • Shared private for two leaders or two followers:€70/AU$90/hour
  • Shared private lesson for two or three couples: €100/$125/hour
  • Shared private lesson course 4 x 90 minutes: €150.
  • Travel fee if location is not at my studio: €10/$25
  • Group workshops: €15-€30/$25-$40/90 minutes
  • Weekend intensive workshops €150/10 hours

Taxi dancing

Partner (either role) for workshops or private lessons. The rate is €35/$50/session up to 90 minutes + travel fee if warranted.

Event services (details)

Prices include travel up to 1 hour from Central Sydney.

  • Performance only, dancing for up to 30 minutes: $300
  • Performance + class for guests: $500
  • Performance, class, background dancing during cocktail hour, and DJ the entire event: $700.
  • Private training for bridal couple’s wedding dance $1000 for 10 hours, including personal choreography customized for your agility and the dress.

If you want to pay for your lessons by credit card use this form.

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