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These courses are designed to increase your body control and readiness so that you can dance with confidence.

For best results, please spend at least 20 minutes on each exercise and repeat each session before continuing to the next one.

You have the option to download a pdf of the text instructions for any lesson. The button for this is at the bottom of the sidebar on the right.

We use the name ‘Mark’ for the leader and ‘Revel’ for the follower. Here’s why.

We use the term ‘base leg’ for the leg that is in contact with the floor and supporting your weight and ‘free leg’ to refer to the leg that is not supporting weight and is thereby free to move. We’ll also use the terms: ‘external rotation’, ‘internal rotation’, ‘flex’, and ‘extend’.

You can read details about any of these biomechanics or any unfamiliar terms in the KnowledgeBase, which is included with your course. (You can navigate there any time by clicking the icon in the sidebar.)

If you feel something is missing or unclear, you can use the chat icon at the bottom right of every page to ask questions

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We didn’t start online education in March of 2020. We started in 2014. Learn more about our Digital School