Wandering København, I stopped to compliment a most elegant woman on the combination of her shoes and skirt. This turned out to be Karen Buus-Hansen, wearing her own skirt, enjoying the sun outside her shop.

I complemented her on the scale of the print on the skirt, saying that it reminded me of my preference for upholstery fabric on skirts.

She said “well, it is.”

We went inside her shop, Mutti Love, where she showed me her line of dresses and skirts made from upholstery remnants, antique bedpreads, and tablecloths. Of course this fabric has architectural hang and good action in motion.

Since she’s designing for Danish women, everything was too long for me, but I was still excited.

What I really appreciated about her clothing as tango wear is that the dresses are super feminine and shapely, armless but without open shoulders and backs, so that women who need to wear a bra can do so without destroying the lines of the dress.

The designs are consistent, but the fabrics are unique, so no two women will wear the identical dress.

How did you get into this, I asked?

Well, I did other jobs, but I always wanted to sew, since I was little cutting up the bedspreads.

Karen does not like to sell online unless you have already visited the shop and you are sure the fit is correct, because she doesn’t want her clothes to go unworn.  I think it’s worth a trip to København.

Birkegade 9 kld tv 2200 København N.