Mar 062017

Germain Cascales is a contemporary and tango dancer. He performs with Vio and TangoForge as often as possible.

In Paris, he teaches at Abrasens and organizes the monthly Milonga El Huracan.

We met in 2015 and made a video of our third tanda ever.

If you want to see more of that, the second take is here.

2015 Workshops at Tangoloft:

  • 30.Okt 19:30-21:00 “Dancing with the furniture”: Demo
  • 1.Nov 15:00-17:00 “Dancing between acceleration and slowmo”: Demo

2015 Performances at Tangoloft:

2016 Rome NeoTango Marathon.

2016 TangoForge “Bold Journey to Self-Creation” Showtanz at Contemporary Tango Festival 2016, Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

 6 March 2017