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Germain Cascales is a contemporary and tango dancer. In Paris, he teaches at Abrasens and organizes the monthly Milonga El Huracan.

He performs with Vio and TangoForge as often as possible and has been a major influence in the development of TangoForge Extreme Tango. There are two blog posts which detail this development: 2015 and 2017.

Below the archive of our work are all of our videos, including class demonstrations. Especially interesting are 1.November 2015 and 22.February 2016.

We met in August, 2015 and made a video of our third tanda. (There are two takes, rather different.)

2015 Workshops at Tangoloft:

  • 30.Okt 19:30-21:00 “Dancing with the furniture”: Demo
  • 1.Nov 15:00-17:00 “Dancing between acceleration and slowmo”: Demo

2015 Performances at Tangoloft:

2016 Rome NeoTango Marathon.

2016 TangoForge “Bold Journey to Self-Creation” Showtanz at Contemporary Tango Festival 2016, Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

2017 Carlos Libedinsky, re-debüt to Berlin, Tangoloft, 9/10.September.



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