People have been asking me to build an Exercise facility for years.

And I’ve been working on it for years. I started shooting video in Ali’s Pilates Studio in New Zealand in 2011!

I developed 8 exercises for our Biomechanics classes, which we taught every day during Seminar Compañeros TangoForge 2016, and which has now developed into an entire course series, taught three times per week in our Berlin Studio.

My Personal Training students are all asking for exercises they can do at home to feel more powerful and fluid and so I’ve been shooting more video.

I finally found this fantastic system for producing animated images of just the muscles I want to show.

So, I’m happy to invite you to the grand opening of the TangoForge Exercise Center.

It includes exercises for each of the 8 key tango muscles, plus solo and pair workouts, including both muscle and dancing exercises. It includes a workout on how to make your free leg more beautiful. It even includes special posts about how to deal with (and prevent!) back and knee pain.

Coming soon, workouts on fluid, “natural” motion during the transfer of weight and when legs are in the air.

The Exercise Center is part of our new online training center, the HyperForge, which includes the KnowledgeBase (the first comprehensive encyclopedia of technique and variations for every tango movement), all kinds of Guides and Resources, home practice courses for solos of both roles and for pairs (to supplement your live courses), and more …

Take a peek at the Exercise Center and you can buy a pass at Engage, the TangoForge Store.