Weekends in Berlin


On the weekend of the First Saturday of the month, we offer our workshops.

  • In these workshops we cover the entire Lexicon of Tango Elements in one year.
  • Each Element’s workshop includes biomechanics/technique and improvisation.
  • We create a special social event each time to explore Berlin and meet the local community of TangoForge Compañeros.
  • Our studio is located in the heart of Berlin Mitte, with gourmet food and charming nearby hotels. See our KiezGuide.
  • We offer 4 places in our dormitory during each weekend.
  • We teach in English and Deutsch.

Schedule of the Weekend


16:00 Dormitory opens

19:00-20:00 MetaThemen
(The Blog Live/Vio’s Latest Ideas)…

22:00 Recommended milonga: Art.13


12:00-16:00 Lexicon A Workshop (with breaks)

16:00-19:00 TangoForge Practica

22:00 Recommended milonga: Michael Rühl’s Walzerlinksgestricht


12:00-16:00 Lexicon B Workshop (with breaks)

17:00 Recommended milonga: Tangoloft

Schedule of Lexicon Elements
Workshop A Workshop B

Soltada & Adorno

Walking & Changes of Foot

Molinete Lineal & ocho

Front Sacada & Back Sacada

Double Giro & Single Giros/Calesita

Parada & Crosses

Barrida & Pulpeades

Rebote & Alteración

Voleo Circular & Voleo Linear

Gancho Pro & Gancho contra

Rebote Cadera & Patada

Volcada & Colgada

Registration Details

ADVANCE Registration is required except: Practica: €5

The deadline for registration is 7 days before the seminar.

After registering you will be redirected to a page where you can choose the DATES/workshops you want.

NO PARTNER is required for registration.

You may register by CREDIT CARD using our secure payment processing system driven by Stripe. We do not see your credit card details. This website is secure and protected by SSL.

You may register by ELECTRONIC bank transfer to this account:
IBAN DE13430609671170841800 Konto: Starr
If you pay by electronic bank transfer, please secure your place by immediately sending an email to office@TangoForge.com.

There are four places available in our DORMITORY. You may arrive on Friday and depart on Monday. Since the sleeping price is already very cheap, no discounts will be given for shorter stay. (Thank you for understanding that this is just too much distracting extra logistics for us.)

In the case of CANCELLATION, we will try to find someone from the wait-list to replace you, or you may transfer your registration to another person.

The location is our beautiful MITTE Studio. You will receive the address upon registration. For exact instructions for direct transportation from all ports, food, and milongas please see our guide.

We sometimes have WORKTRADE positions available. Please enquire to Office@TangoForge.com



Friday Metathemen Class

2 Lexicon Element Workshops

Saturday Practica

30-minute Private Lesson

Dormitory Option




Friday Metathemen Class

1 Lexicon Element Workshop

Saturday Practica

About TangoForge

We create a community of students who encourage and collaborate across levels, learn both roles, and work hard to train their bodies and to understand tango thoroughly.

We dance Argentine Tango in a traditional way which means that we seek to create a dance with constrast of mood from serious to humorous, with a contrast of musicality working with the rhythm and the melody, with contrast of speed and dynamic, and contrast of the embrace. We take pride in our skills. We dance every movement in the tango lexicon inherited from the 1940s, in every variation, on both sides! We seek to innovate and improvise. We encourage all gender/roles, styles, and the application of tango to every music you love.

Learn to use your body for tango. That’s Biomechanics.

Regardless of which “style” of tango you prefer, all Argentine Tango relies on the same skills.

We have studied anatomy and biomechanics to be able to give direct and clear instructions for sublime connection and clear communication.

We teach Argentine Tango technique in a way that everyone can understand and implement, so that teaching is not a cult of personality and metaphor, but a toolbox that students can use on their own.

Our biomechanics technique trains balance, strength and fluidity, so dancers can execute any movement, diagnose their own errors, assist partners, and learn faster from videos and other teachers.

Learn to use tango for your creativity. That’s Improvisation.

We teach tango from the elements, without sequences or memorization. Our goal is to empower dancers to experience creativity.

The Lexicon of Tango is the repertoire of tango movements inherited from the 1940s, codifed as elements of tango by the Cochabamba Investigation Group of the mid-1990s. Before Cochabamba tango was understood in groups of steps, or sequences. After Cochabamba, dancers were freed to compose from the basic elements.

Dancing from the elements empowers dancers to to express every music, challenge partners to maintain intense concentration, and use space skillfully for better floorcraft,

The Improvisation-Lexicon is the whole vocabulary of tango. There are 25 distinct movements, each of which has many variations. We teach the Lexicon in our Masterclass and in person in our weekend workshops, covering the entire Lexicon in about one year.