4/5.November Workshop & Cheese Berlin


Please join the TangoForge Berlin community for the weekend of 4. November to learn, practice, and enjoy Cheese Berlin 2017.


FRIDAY 3.November

No event this month.

SATURDAY 4.November

12:00-13:30: Biomechanics

14:00-16:00: Impro-Lexicon
Workshop 19:Rebote Cadera

16:00-19:00: TangoForge Practica
Space and Time to PRACTICE and Experiment

SUNDAY 5.November

12:00-13:30 Biomechanics

14:00-18:00: Cheese Berlin
at Markthalle IX

18:30-20:00: Impro-Lexicon
Workshop 20: Patada


Registration Deadline: Monday 30.Oktober
Whole weekend + 45 minute private lesson* €125

Whole weekend + 45 minute private lesson* + Dormitory €175
(only 4 places are available)

*Private lessons will be booked convenient to your arrival and departure times. Booking blocks:
Friday 15:00-18:00
Saturday 10:30-12:00, 19:00-20:30
Sunday 10:30-12:00, 20:00-21:30

All of Saturday Only** €40
All of Sunday Only** €40

**It is not permitted to attend the Improvisation workshop without the preceding Biomechanics session.


2 days Biomechanics + Practica (good option for beginners) €40
No preregistration is required for the following options. You may pay cash on arrival.

Anfänger Lesson: €10

Practica Only €5


No partner is required for registration.

You may register by credit card using our secure payment processing system driven by Stripe. We do not see your credit card details. This website is secure and protected by SSL.

You may register by electronic bank transfer to this account: IBAN DE13430609671170841800 Konto: Starr BLZ 43060967 BIC GENODEM1GLS. If you pay by electronic bank transfer, please secure your place by immediately sending an email to office@TangoForge.com.

Since the sleeping price is already very cheap, no discounts will be given for shorter stay. (Thank you for understanding that this is just too much distracting extra logistics for us.)

In the case of cancellation, we will try to find someone from the wait-list to replace you, or you may transfer your registration to another person.No pre-registration is necessary for the following options.

The location is our beautiful Mitte Studio. For information about food, milongas, the neighborhood and transportation, please see our guide.

We have two worktrade positions available. Please enquire to Office@TangoForge.com

About TangoForge

We dance Argentine Tango in a traditional way which means that we seek to create a dance with constrast of mood from serious to humorous, with a contrast of musicality working with the rhythm and the melody, with contrast of speed and dynamic, and contrast of the embrace. We take pride in our skills. We dance every movement in the tango lexicon inherited from the 1940s, in every variation, on both sides! We seek to innovate and improvise.

We create a community of students who encourage and collaborate across levels, who work hard to train their bodies, and to understand tango thoroughly, and who learn both roles.

Learn to use your body for tango. That’s Biomechanics.

In our biomechanics courses we use exercises based on pilates to develop muscle awareness and control. Then we apply muscles action to Argentine Tango.

Learn to use tango for your creativity. That’s Improvisation.

The Improvisation-Lexicon is the whole vocabulary of tango. There are 25 distinct movements, each of which has many variations. Mastering the lexicon is the base for your creativity. We study the Lexicon in our online Masterclass and in person in our weekend workshops, covering the entire Lexicon in about one year.