Flying step

Flying step is a small-scale leaning step (volcada or colgada). Usually we don’t distinguish movements by scale or intensity, but in this case we make an exception because flying steps are less scary than full volcadas and colgadas, and also they give a very different musicality. Permission The mark for all leaning movements is initiated with a change […]


In tango, we are never standing completely alone. We relate our standing bodies into a partnership through the arch of connection. We also sometimes lean on each other. These leaning movements (aka ‘off-axis’ or ‘out-of-axis’, deprecated) are very beautiful and fun. We can lean away from each other (colgada) or toward one another (volcada). Flying […]


In volcada, the partners lean toward one another. This is an intensification of the arch of connection, with a wider base, forcing the partners to rely on the arch for balance. Permission The distinct aspect of the mark for this movement is communicating the permission to lean. This is a change of embrace. The change is flexion of the elbow […]