For a biomechanical guide to sublime connection, see arch of connection and embrace.


Is the embrace the source of our connection? No. The embrace is the last mile. We position the lower body into an arc and aim it at our partner’s base leg to create an arch of connection. The embrace completes the arch of connection. To keep the embrace taut and agile, we use only two instructions: external rotation […]


A soltada is a release of the embrace. We may release one or both hands or simply change the embrace (for example, so that we are holding hands on both sides). It’s exciting to feel the same intensity of connection without touching. Rules The Revel should continue dancing in the improvisational context shown by the Mark […]


Tension (deprecated) is a vague term which is used to describe the gentle muscle contractions we need to keep our bodies connected (for example contraction of triceps muscle to keep the embrace taut) intense muscle contractions we need to support dramatic moves like rebvolcada and colgada excess habitual muscle contractions which block communication.. What is […]