25 Salta

1. Independently 0:45 1.1 both jump 1:10 1.2 one jumps 2:20 2. Leveraged lifts 4:13 2.1 from gancho 4:28 2.2 from volcada 7:26 3. Lifts 9:45   25 Salta: Solo Practice Well this is truly is a difficult one for solo practice, but in fact most of us are a bit shy about jumping, so […]

18 Ganchos

1. Gancho = Voleo + Geometry 0:27 2. Finding all the Ganchos 6:25 3. Revel’s Technique 3.1 take care of your base 9:42 3.2 take the gancho to the maximum 11:05 3.3 matching the mark’s dynamic in the gancho and exit 12:37 3.4 keeping the embrace taught in modified embraces 13:30 4. Mark’s Technique • […]

16 17 Voleos Circular and Linear

voleo circular impro

Voleo Circular maximize front and back projections during a pivot.

14 15 Rebote Alteracion

impro alteracion

Alteración is a dynamic step, created by making a rebote who pivots and releases at a different point than the origin.

14 15 Rebote and Alteracion

rebote impro

A rebote is an elastic step which returns to the origin.

19 20 Blocks: Rebote Cadera and Patada

patada impro

Patada is a kick, usually between the partner’s legs.

19 20 Blocks: Rebote Cadera and Patada

rebote cadera impro

Contra block to Revel’s Pivot.

18 Gancho

ganchos impro

Ganchos hook a voleo through the partner’s leg or around the body. This is a two-week theme.

16 17 Voleos Circular and Linear

impro linearvoleo

Voleo Linear maximize front, back, and side projections.