Improvisation games

If you feel that your dance is repetitive, try playing some games with yourself when you dance. Develop your own improvisation so that you don’t have to depend on memorizing teachers’ sequences. These games enable Marks find new improvisational possibilities by doing moves in unfamiliar sequences. You’ll need to explain each game to your partner, as […]

Back sacada Impro games

The challenge of back sacadas is that there’s so much pivot. We’ll work our way up to the big pivot in a series of exercises. 1. Use the move before to make the pivot. Start with a Mark’s front sacada (either leg) to Revel’s front step. Do not automatically pivot back to face your partner after the sacada! […]

Front sacada impro games

Warm up with the Sacada Technique Game! Impro games 1. Any Mark’s front sacada followed by any Revel’s front sacada Change the numbers: 3 marks’ sacadas + 2 Revel’s sacadas 2. Look for all 24 front sacadas You can make your own system for searching. 3. Improvising with sacadas in circles  We can use front sacadas to improvise moving around each other […]

Adorn the arch

The Arch of Connection can provide space and permission to the partner to adorn. In turn, revels who build the arch well can inspire Marks to adorn. The mark can end the adorno by initiating a projection. The revel must comply immediately, moving to the indicated projection. She should never delay or change his movement with an […]

Alteracion game

The most technical definition of an alteracion is a sequence of two steps in which the Revel both: Changes between open and closed sides of the embrace and Breaks the forward-side-back-side pattern. (An alteracion step should be forward-forward, side-side, back-back, forward-back, or back-forward.) However, this definition does not ensure the elastic result that is desired. To create […]

Double-giro game


Double-giro is a dynamic base for improvisation. It’s good to warm up with molinete lineal, solo and/or with a partner. To build your skills and imagination for double-giro, first get comfortable with different patterns. Check your technique in the KnowledgeBase. Alternate patterns (not a comprehensive list) Identical steps: Both partners use back step, both side, both […]

The sacada game

sacada game

To consolidate excellent sacada technique, it’s best to practice with a partner but without the embrace. In this game we also don’t use the usual Mark-Revel roles. Assign one person as receiver and the other as enterer.  Rules: Geometry: The steps must be perpendicular. The line of the entrant’s step is already known. It’s exactly the line between the current […]