joint elasticity

Definition and uses of co-contraction: intensify the arch, maximize projection, create elasticity. Elasticity: Allowing a joint to flex and then choosing the timing and intensity of the co-contraction to create different effects We can apply the co-contraction during flexion or extension of a joint. In rebote cadera (and patada), the mark for the projection is […]

Patada biomechanics

with wall: co-contraction by extension, in two feet, in one foot. with person AS wall: co-contraction to kick duo from projection: finding elasticity/block together duo finding projection + block

Maximum projection

Maximum projection Knee and ankle extension dégagé: maximize projection into the air with knee extended developé: fluid/sequential motion of joints voleo: fluid/sequential motion of joint and maintain torsion

Co-contraction for Elasticity

co-contraction is the maximum power we can create with a muscle pair we use co-contraction in tango for: intensifying/fortifying the arch (for leaning moves and drama), maximizing projection, and elasticity co-contraction can trigger the stretch reflex and that’s what makes elasticity we can co-contract the muscles anytime: while flexing, while extending, or while the joints […]

Alteración Biomechanics

alteración = rebote who pivots and releases to different location than start alteración = powerful, elastic pivot powerful pivot = co-contraction + pivot co-contraction = simultaneous contraction of paired muscles, in this case quads and hamstrings

Voleo Circular Biomechanics

voleo = maximization of projection = projection + power = projection + cocontraction the voleo must be the consequence of the Mark’s co-contraction. The Revel also co-contracts the base when the free leg moves, we want fluidity, which means that the joints move sequentially in circular voleos we must take care of the torsion in […]