Second-stage Ignition

The TangoForge KnowledgeBase is a high-tech tango toolbox available for your study 24/7.

  • A comprehensive encyclopedia of every tango movement, with its system of variations
  • Technique for each movement, drawing on a compact toolbox of tango skills
  • Exercises for your muscles + improvisation games + at-home training courses for solos & couples

Here are two entries you can look at right away: Everything about Sacadas, and Understanding Joint Mechanics. You can zoom in and you can download, but since these are pdf images, you won’t be able to click the links.

We launched the first version of the KnowledgeBase in 2013. Now we prepare the second-stage ignition. We need fuel and advice. Here’s the mission:

  • Less distracting and easier-to-read design. (Already implemented.)
  • Raise the quality and quantity of images and video. (Already shot, now editing and uploading. Placeholders indicate where new video will appear soon…)
  • Develop Level 2 courses
  • Possible translation to German (We are doing some market research to see if this makes sense.)
  • Prettier and better payment and member management system.

kbase2ndstage_postcardv2We invite you to join the mission crew by 10.July 2016:

THE FUEL = funding: For 100€, you get Mission Crew gadgets:

  •  1 year pass to the KnowledgeBase, English & German versions
  • All 3 of the Level 1 courses
  • The Level 2 course(s) when ready

THE ADVICE = Can you identify 5 spots for improvement? Where can the explanations could be clearer? Where are more video and still images needed?

With scientific technique and comprehensive information easily available, we can look forward to the return of the wealth of the entire traditional tango repertoire to our dance floors around the world. If more students feel comfortable with a larger vocabulary of movements and understand how to vary their movement dynamics, they will feel more able to dance on the world history of music, and not feel restricted to common sequences.

Second-Stage Launch Advisors Registration

The website is secure. Prices are in €.  “Single” means that it’s a one-time charge.

If you do not want to pay by credit card you can send electronic payment to:
IBAN: DE13430609671170841800 Konto: Starr, BIC: GENODEM1GLS, BLZ: 430 609 67
In this case you do not need to fill the form below, but do send an email informing us as to your participation and we will prepare your login manually.

If you have had a KnowledgeBase pass or course in the past, we need to refresh your account before you can register for a new plan. Please send an email and we’ll do this: If you’re in a rush, just use a different email address than you used before.

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