The sacada game

To consolidate excellent sacada technique, it’s best to practice with a partner but without the embrace.

In this game we also don’t use the usual Mark-Revel roles.

Assign one person as receiver and the other as enterer. 


  • Geometry: The steps must be perpendicular. The line of the entrant’s step is already known. It’s exactly the line between the current position of the partners. (Along this line, the entrant can make front, back, or side steps with either foot.) The receiver must step perpendicular to this line. The entrant steps between the receiver’s legs, just next to the foot of the receiver’s sending leg.
  • Simultaneous Transfer: The receiver must wait in projection until the enterer starts their projection and then the partners cooperate to make the transfer at the same time.
  • Arc before Pivot: Establish your new arcs before pivoting to face one another or for the next movement.
  • Free Foot Changes: Both partners can change feet and pivot at will. You can receive or enter with front, back, or side steps: Improvise!
  • Change the roles!

* Thanks to Pedro Farias and Julieta Falivene, who first played this game with me.

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