Front sacada impro games

Warm up with the Sacada Technique Game!

Impro games

1. Any Mark’s front sacada followed by any Revel’s front sacada

Change the numbers: 3 marks’ sacadas + 2 Revel’s sacadas

2. Look for all 24 front sacadas

You can make your own system for searching.

3. Improvising with sacadas in circles 

We can use front sacadas to improvise moving around each other in a circular manner.

  • Mark makes a front sacada to each of the Revel’s steps in single-giro.
  • The pinwheel. Entrant uses open front step into receiver’s front crossed step. Then switch who is doing the (same) sacada, continue until dizzy. (You shouldn’t have to do any change of foot for this one.) Find another similar combination

4. Front sacadas in the line of dance

  • Continuous Mark’s front sacadas to Revel’s back ocho.
  • Continuous Revel’s front sacadas to Mark’s side steps.
  • Continuous Revel’s  sacadas to Mark’s crossed step. Facing the open side of the embrace, he makes front and then back steps without changing orientation.
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