Chopin music is very delicate. So how do we take our tango and make it more delicate?


Revel’s adornos

The Revel can touch the music with her projection, in lots of different ways, by using flexion, extension, and rotation of her leg joints.

1 Mark makes lots of space and time for the Revel to adorn.

Marking the Revel’s first and second projection

2 During the projections, the Mark can use the Revel’s leg as if it is on a puppet string. She can also add some expression within the direction he gives.

Expressing within the transfer of weight

We can granulate the transfer of weight to express long notes, or Chopin’s fast cascades of melody. Either dancer can do this on their own (like an adorno) during the transfer of weight, or it can be marked.

3. Concentrate in controlling and expressing during the transfer.

Dancing the Melody

In Chopin it’s very obvious that we dance the Melody. Now try with a tango. Dance only the bandoneon and violin…

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